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Facebook IPO ??

So Mark Zuckerberg is going to celebrate his 28th birthday with a BIG FAT IPO check this week. The hype of the Facebook IPO is enough to make me want to watch the re-run of The Social Network and remind myself how stealing ideas from other people has made this college drop out a Gazillionaire!

Speaking of cheating, Scott Thompson , former CEO of Yahoo, found out how “Snarky” people can be at the top of the food chain when it comes to scrutinizing your resume. Apparently, Mr. Thompson had a resume ‘error’ and posted his degrees as Accounting and Computer Science. Yahoo stock has had its share of downfalls recently and having Thompson as a fall guy might bring some media attention to the withering, but still breathing search engine company trying to survive. Lesson learned, if you happen to swim amongst sharks vying for your job, you better make sure you have Resume Integrity…


Back to Facebook. I really don’t know why this company is getting so much IPO hype around Wall Street. The fact is, Facebook has yet to show a profit and when you really get down to it; What is Facebook selling? A Product, A Service? In the Age of Instant Gratification, I really don’t think you have to go too far back in time to see how these types of companies launch with the hype, and fall when the honeymoon is over. Just look back 10 years ago, it seemed that MySpace was formidable and too legit to quit. After the introduction of Facebook, the best thing that happened to MySpace is that they created a good platform for starving musicians.

I can go on with other examples of IPO’s that dropped, ( Groupon, LinkedIn, Netflix) but the bottom line is that the consumer needs to beware of the hype and know HOW we live in the instant gratification mode. You just never know which new technology is going to “one up” Facebook and drop it off the face of the internet and become the next MySpace example…