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Movement Mortgage realizes how different each lender looks at a loan, and that no two lenders evaluate a loan the same way anymore. There is a growing concern from Real Estate Agents that consumers are not given a thorough mortgage file review.

This is where Movement Mortgage can help. Loan Officer 911 mortgage review services are based on the company’s unique loan processing platform. Each loan file follows a non-traditional, faster approach to the process of loan approval. With this process, most loans can have a decision in 6-hours or less.

About Movement Mortgage

Movement Mortgage was created in 2008 amidst one of the biggest financial meltdowns in American history. We are committed to being a Movement of Change in the mortgage industry, in corporate cultures and in communities. Through our unique process we are creating a referable experience for both homebuyers and real estate agents. We have created a corporate culture in which our employees can thrive both personally and professionally. We achieve this when we combine a passionate and relentless hard focus on professional excellence with a high view and value of people. Finally, our goal is to have a long-term impact on the individual lives of those underserved in our communities. Our mission to love and value people drives everything we do.

Movement has grown from a small team of 4 to over 3,000 employees with more than 350 locations across 40 states. Inc. Magazine recognized Movement Mortgage as the fastest-growing mortgage bank in the country. Our vision is to serve 1 out of every 10 homebuyers in the country by 2025 and over 70 percent of our loans are processed in just 7 business days. We are passionate about every member of our team thriving personally and professionally. Close to 70 percent of our team contribute to the Love Works fund. The fund acts as a source of financial support for employees and their families in times of crisis. We have also reinvested over $10.3 million in our communities through the Movement Foundation.



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Licensing Information:

• Movement Mortgage NMLS ID# 39179 and is licensed in 42 states:

Alabama Consumer Credit Lic. #21022
Arizona Department of Financial Institutions Lic. #918544
California – DOC Residential Mortgage Lending Act Lic. #4131054
District of Columbia Department of Insurance: Lic #MLB 39179
Florida Mortgage Lender Lic. #MLD200
Georgia Mortgage Lender Lic. #23002
Maryland Mortgage Lender Lic. #19094
Massachusetts Division of Banks Lic. #MC39179
Michigan Office of Financial & Insurance Regulation Lic. #FL0018132
Minnesota Department of Commerce Lic. #MN-MO-39179
Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending Lic. #3402
New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance
North Carolina Office of Commissioner of Banks L-142670
Colorado Division of Real Estate
Illinois Division of Banking MB.6760898

Oklahoma Banking Department Lic #MB002114
Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities Lic. #ML-5081
Pennsylvania Department of Banking Lic. #34374
South Carolina Board of Financial Institutions Lic. #MLS-39179
Tennessee Mortgage Lic. #112748
Texas – SML Mortgage Banker Registration
Utah Division of Real Estate Lic. #7773921
Virginia State Corporation Commission MC-5112
Washington Dept of Financial Institutions CL-39179
West Virginia Div of Financial Inst. MB-32019 & ML-32020
Wisconsin Dept of Financial Institutions 39179 BA/BR
Indiana Dept of Financial Institutions 18121
Kentucky Dept of Financial Institutions MC85066